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SNAP touchless mister DRIVE- LAKE

SNAP touchless mister DRIVE- LAKE

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The first ever luxury fine-mist touchless hand sanitizer designed with driving in mind, DRIVE uses motion sensing technology to dispense high quality hydrating sanitizer with the simple wave of a hand - right in your car!

Lakeside features notes of fresh & storm breezes, accompanied by a hail of grassy, light floral undertones. You can already feel the cool breeze floating off the water. In no time you will hear the calm water lap against your boat as it gently rocks you to tranquility. Your feet dangle off the side as you feel the refreshing mist surrounding you.

1 device, 1 sanitizer cartridge ( 750+ sprays), and 1 USB charging cord (USB rechargeable and can plug directly into your car - charge lasts 8-12 working hours)

Active Ingredient: SD Alcohol 40 75% (Antimicrobial)



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